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EMichelle MamaChelliebooks Clark

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EMichelle MamaChelliebooks Clark


Libros de EMichelle MamaChelliebooks Clark

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I LOVE ME SOME HIM // Clark, EMichelle MamaChelliebooks;

Radiance of Auburn light reflecting from sunset stirred an imagery tone of warmth to the cold and lonely room. Brock gazed out the Bay window while waiting for Natalie’s arrival. The burnt leaves dancing in circles with the whirling wind seem to amuse him. The natural oils and resin popping sparks in the fireplace calmed him.The aroma of the ced...

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IT TAKES A FOOL // Clark, EMichelle MamaChelliebooks;

It Takes A Fool by MamaChellie - EMichelle ClarkSo often- people will do anything for love while others will do anything to run from love. I would love to calm the doers and expose the runners!No Name, is about an African American woman who has loved the same Black man for many years only to have him disappear on her- over and over again. She en...

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FINDING HOME // Clark, EMichelle MamaChelliebooks;

Finding Home By MamaChellieFinding Home is an inspirational life story regarding an African American woman, who has low self-esteem.Pendora is an African American woman born in the fifties. She lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but her parents were born and raised in the Deep South.Pendora was always shy, quiet, and sort of a pushover as a chi...

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FLAWS AND ALL // Clark, EMichelle MamaChelliebooks;

Flaws and All by MamaChellieA Short Story with a twisted end!At what point in a deceitful marriage is enough basically enough? What would you do if your so-called soul mate cheats on you and then needed your support in a traumatic medical situation?Would you support your love one or get revenge?Zoe and Chase Anderson met at Chase’s best friend-B...

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