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Sinópsis del libro:

  • I have seen them all. I have seen every despicable creature that the imagination of the human mind can spin forth. I understand them all. I understand the nuances and the figurative messages, which have been assigned to the ghastly monsters designed to penetrate our dreams and remain in our psyches. I have come to learn, regretfully so, that for some people the monsters are real, very real.
    In every case, the monsters seek out the weak and vulnerable. In every case, each monster could not exist without the aid of an accomplice, who, if they didn’t need them, they would destroy. The accomplice, the aid, the helper and the assistants are the ones who play the vital roles in helping the monster be the best monster it could be. They facilitate the madness and the garish atrocities, carried out by the ones who have let demons ransack their souls. The monster that you, or any friend of yours fell in love with has one purpose, they want to ransack your soul too.
    Wow, those words did not come through my mind so easy. I have known for quite some time that we all have a soul, the life force that dwells within the walls of our physical bodies. It stimulates our brains to desire and want all of the benefits that we perceive that can be had in a healthy and positive relationship. For those who want relationships, experiences of companionship and togetherness, we must deal with the rushes set off our bodily chemicals such as dopamine, adrenaline and endorphins. These chemicals make us feel like the champions of life when they are injected into our brains.
    On the flipside, the monsters we fall in love with not only seek to suppress you, they seek to cut off every neuron that would trigger self worth, dignity, love and etc . . . The monsters job is to empty you out until you die from whatever hell they can bring into your life. And . . . when they are finished with you, it is on to someone else. Trust me, I have seen too many zombies walking around after having dealt with their own monsters year after year. Yes, they are not only the walking and living dead, but have assumed characteristics of the monster itself, and if you hang around them too long, they will seek out ways to harm you, with the intention of destroying you too.
    In my own life, with the help of those who have successfully navigated this life, I have fought off monster after monster. Even now, alarms go off in my mind when I see the traits of certain monsters appear in people that I encounter. Trust me; meeting people with romance in mind can definitely be a dangerous dance. As always, in spite of our hormonic drives, I would encourage everyone to move slowly. Just remember, no matter what your intentions are, the monster will agree, and then proceed to disregard every single safeguard you have put in place for you own safe keeping. However, if you have the skills and tools to keep true to yourself, in time, a monster’s devious traits will be revealed, and yes, you will be able to destroy them. Regretfully, many a soul has found themselves in the monster’s traps. Even as I type right now, wounding and unspeakable tortures are taking place. Is it possible to understand the monster that you fell in love with? I believe the answer is yes! It may take a minute or two, but once you understand your own predicament, you will be challenged to kill the monster or learn the secrets of its weakness. I can only pray that you will choose option number one.

    Idioma: INGLÉS



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