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Nick Wastnage

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Nick Wastnage


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THREE MIND GAMES // Wastnage, Nick;

Three shorts.Oh, What a Night! An urban-fantasy, where the author invites a few of the villains and good guys from his books to a wacky party.The Night I Met Me. The night a man's double turns up and reminds him of his murky past.Harry and His Unfinished Business. Harry Fingle witnesses a bloody murder in a coffee shop in Istanbul and realises t...

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OH, WHAT A NIGHT! // Wastnage, Nick;

A bizarre, hilarious urban-fantasy short.The author invites all the villains, drug-dealers, mafia bosses, policemen, spooks, and hookers from his books to a funereal-themed, fancy-dress, extravaganza, choreographed by an undertaker.Wacky, outrageous – a touch violent.It was so good, I might do another one.

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A short Harry Fingle story – part of The Harry Fingle Collection.Harry Fingle witnesses a bloody, violent murder as he sits, drinking a coffee, in Istanbul’s bustling, exotic, and ancient covered-market, The Grand Bazaar.Three more frightening encounters, during his short stay in the city, tell him his enemies are back and they’re out to get him.

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Jake Armstrong wants to find the person who has his wife’s donated heart. He meets Becky Rackley and believes she is that person. She thinks the same, but they don’t discuss it. Becky is a spy, and is on a mission to stop terrorists targeting a nuclear device on London. When the terrorists set an ultimatum, Jake is dragged into a world crisis wh...

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