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Megan Ziese

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Megan Ziese


Libros de Megan Ziese

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ROLE PLAY // Ziese, Megan;

What started as an innocent sex game turned into a wild night of swinging.It was a special anniversary and Claire had made sure it was going to be memorable. Only, something went terribly wrong. They weren't supposed to get arrested! The only solution to the situation? Sleep their way out of it.

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TOUCH MY BODY // Ziese, Megan;

Elizabeth almost didn’t recognize the hard faced soldier waiting for a lap dance as the handsome young man who’d once had such a crush on her … but he recognized her instantly.

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THE SOLDIER'S WOMAN // Ziese, Megan;

Sera was moved by the plea of the woman who’d posted the ad for a surrogate to carry her dead son’s child. Beyond that, it sparked a need dormant within her. She still had her doubts as to whether she was actually cut out to be anyone’s mother, and whether or not she could juggle motherhood with her demanding business, but realized it was an opp...

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WANTED // Ziese, Megan;

Lillian is a pysch student who is writing her thesis on women who have relationships with inmates. The only way to get really deep, she decides, is to try to become close to one herself. The fantasies she weaves in her intimate letters to him become more and more out of control, believing that he will never be released from prison . . . until th...

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