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John Savage


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TORTURED SPIES // Savage, John;

Blaze unexpectedly finds herself working for the CIA. A simple meeting to collect information goes badly wrong, and she finds herself captured and tortured. Unfortunately for her, her captors seem more interested in inflicting sadistic sexual torment than extracting information.

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What would a pirate do if he were to capture a tall, beautiful, athletic young woman on a remote Caribbean island? Take her prisoner, of course; keep her in tight bondage and use and abuse her body until he reached somewhere he could sell her at the slave auctions. But finding thirteen man-hating Amazons may be more than any pirate crew can handle.

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Trying to sneak onto a rich island Kingdom and steal a bag full of diamonds, Natasha is taken prisoner and ends up in the Prince's stable of slavegirls. If she had known the torment, pain and sexual suffering she was going to endure, she might have preferred execution by firing squad she thought was her fate. But Natasha had the body of a goddes...

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The King liked to keep a few beautiful young women in his dungeon so he could torture them and ravish their abused bodies. Things changed when he appointed his troublesome nephew as the new Master of the Dungeon and, at the same time, had the most beautiful woman in the kingdom kidnapped.

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At the end of the first book of this series, the famous and beautiful professional escape artist, Stella Walters was sold her to a Japanese sadist. Now boxed up and shipped off to Japan, she is at the mercy of a man who takes delight in torturing beautiful women.

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SLAVE SAFARI // Savage, John;

Once upon a time, in a tiny kingdom in the middle of Africa, there was a king. He was not a benevolent king - no, indeed. He was sadistic, cruel and extremely oppressive to his people; mostly by stealing the pretty young women of the land and imprisoning them in his dungeon where torture and other nasty things happened to them.Then, one day, he ...

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