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Jasmine Dayne

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Jasmine Dayne


Libros de Jasmine Dayne

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TABOO TALES: 1 // Dayne, Jasmine;

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FATHER FIGURE // Dayne, Jasmine;

Kat's graduation present to herself is a return to the safety of her old best friend's house. But when she ends up alone with her friend's dad, the only man who's ever made her heart race, dangerous heat and raging hormones prove to be a dangerous combination. They both know it's wrong, but neither can stop from making Kat's first time one to re...

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SPEED LIMIT // Dayne, Jasmine;

Amber has always been kind of a slut, never been one for playing by the rules. Obeying speed limits is the least of her indiscretions. When she's stopped in the middle of nowhere by a cop who aroused and intimidates her she gives in to her basest instincts and they share a wild sexual encounter she'll never forget.Warning: Contains hardcore sexu...

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Contains the following stories, previously available individually::: The Accidental WhoreWhen her loser boyfriend leaves her frustrated and angry, Misty heads to a local hotel bar to drown her sorrows and maybe flirt with a stranger. But when Max mistakenly thinks she's the call girl he hired, the night turns a lot more interesting for the both ...

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