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Alexander Tennant

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Alexander Tennant


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bored with his dull safe life in an english university. feeling he is taken for granted by his university bosses he longs to leave to have the courage to break out. the author of this secret journal feels that he is starved of any for him meaningful stimulation that gives purpose to his life. he longs to escape from the suffocating grip of his d...

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SOUL ON FIRE // Tennant, Alexander;

i felt it was time to launch a brief anthology of thoughtful reflective poetry. to focus on issues which do not isolate the real essence of us as individuals. being rational and critical in your thinking definitely has its place. what i am strongly advocating here, is the necessity not to neglect to include the soul or spirit within. in my poetr...

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SHARED EXPERIENCES // Tennant, Alexander;

shared experiences is precisely what it says on the book jacket. a diverse collection of reflective verse about all the experiences that affect us all. it pulls no punches, makes no apologises, it opens your eyes as readers to daily life events such as death, debt, broken relationships and the seasons, political and issues of warfare and their i...

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DEATH STING // Tennant, Alexander;

death is an important subject. whether you are wealthy poor or somewhere in between. i urge you not to be morbid over death, but to respect the fact that at some point you like me will be gone. the world is a stage and everyone of us has a part to play. however current thinking in contemporary capitalist societies discourages us to dwell on our ...

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